Information Repository


Documents dated 2002 or later are catalogued and available electronically in two locations:

(1) CDs at the repository on Adak Island; and

(2) Via the following link on this web site:   
Adak Repository 2002-2013


To review pre-2002 documents, visit the Adak Information Hard Copy Repository located at Bob Reeve High School on Mechanic Road, Adak Island, Alaska. The hard copy repository holds about 500 documents shelved as bound reports and binders. Any document can also be requested from NAVFAC NW; contact Aaron Vernik at (360) 396-0143. The catalog of hard copy documents is available via the following link:
Hard Copy Information Repository Index


A small selection of about ten of these pre-2002 documents are on this web site via the following link:
Adak Electronic Documents Pre-2002

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an information repository?
An information repository is the location where past and current information regarding the Navy's environmental restoration work conducted at a Superfund site is housed. The purpose of the repository is to provide the public with access to documents that will allow them to be fully informed of activities at a site.

Why is an information repository created?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires that an information repository be established for Superfund sites. An information repository is a records storage area at or near a Superfund site that contains correspondence, reports, and documents pertaining to the site. At an information repository, people can research the site and the law pertaining to the cleanup, learn how to participate in the cleanup process, and copy any information found at the repository.

What kinds of information does an information repository contain?
The kinds of documents found in the information repository are the following:

  • Technical reports
  • Technical report comments and comment responses
  • Correspondence (letters, memoranda, and emails)
  • Fact sheets
  • Meeting minutes of the Adak Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
  • Educational videos
  • Photographs
  • Newsletters
Almost all of these documents are provided in paper form ("hard copy"); more recent documents may also be provided in electronic form (compact disks), which can be reviewed on one of the computer stations at the repository.

Can I check out these materials?
The repository documents are considered non-circulating reference materials. The reason that the documents cannot be checked out is that they must be accessible to other community members.

Can these materials be photocopied?
There is a photocopier in the City of Adak office.

How far back in time do the documents go?
This repository contains documents regarding environmental restoration investigations and cleanup on Adak Island dating from 1986 to present. The year 1986 was the first year that documents were published reporting on the results of environmental investigations conducted on Adak.

Adak Information Line
This information line has a pre-recorded message that allows callers to leave questions or comments for US Navy personnel who are familiar with the environmental investigation and cleanup work being conducted on Adak Island. You can phone toll-free at:


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The next RAB meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 08, 2014 at NOON Adak time in the Bob Reeve High School Conference Room on Adak and at 1 p.m. local time in the ADEC Conference Room at 555 Cordova St, Anchorage.