Unexploded Ordnance

What Are Military Munitions?

Military munitions include all ammunition products and components produced or used by or for the Department of Defense or the United States Armed Services for national defense and security.

The term includes the following:

* Explosives
* Pyrotechnics
* Chemical agents
* Riot control agents
* Smokes
* Incendiaries in the form of bulk explosives
* Chemical munitions
* Rockets
* Guided and ballistic missiles
* Bombs
* Warheads
* Mortar rounds
* Artillery ammunition
* Small arms ammunition
* Grenades
* Mines
* Torpedoes
* Depth charges
* Cluster munitions and dispensers
* Demolition charges.

Unexploded ordnance (Munitions) is a subset of military munitions.

For information on Munitions institutional controls, please check out the Ordnance Institutional Controls link.

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