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Education and information are important elements of institutional controls. The Navy has an established Education Program that was modified with input from the community. Over the years, the Navy will be required to support community educational efforts aimed at limiting access to Navy-retained areas, and to assist in educating the community regarding the island hazards and the land use restrictions. This education program provides guidance on appropriate safety steps to take if Munitions material is discovered; and updates the community regarding the cleanup of residual chemicals remaining on the island.

Raising public awareness about the physical hazards and potential residual chemicals that exist within the former Adak Navy Complex can be facilitated in a variety of ways. Providing information through public awareness is the basic step in developing an educational outreach process. Such a process can include notices (such as equitable servitude notifications/restrictions, notification during property transfers, and notification during permitting), educational classes (including ordnance identification, safety presentations to various audiences, preparation of packages for administrative and public officials), printed media (including brochures and news articles), visual media (including video tapes/DVDs and local television announcements), exhibits/displays and posters, and utilization of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) to provide input regarding community issues related to institutional controls.

As with other state education plans that address public safety and health issues, involvement by the community is critical to the success of the Institutional Controls Education Plan. Although the Navy retains ultimate responsibility for the education plan, as with other elements of the Institutional Controls Management Plan, the day-to-day adherence to institutional controls rests with the residents of Adak and the local community. The following criteria were used as a guideline to develop institutional controls.

  • Relevant to the culture of the reusers
  • Flexible in terms of updating content and the format of education tools
  • Interesting
  • Low maintenance

Community Friendly Sign Development

Institutional controls are effective when community members assist with input into their implementation. In the past, the Navy has posted ordnance signs, landfill signs, and fishing restriction signs on the island.

In the spring 2001, the Adak Elementary School Fourth Grade Class developed concepts for icons to be placed on the signs. The concepts presented to the Navy reflect the Aleut heritage. Aleut Elders were selected by the students as a reminder to be safe and be aware while on the island. In late 2003, the fishing advisory signs were replaced by an information pamphlet. Adak community members have reviewed a draft of the pamphlet, and their comments have been incorporated.

Informational Surveys

The Navy will conduct surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the education plan. The surveys will primarily focus on the community's knowledge of institutional controls and their knowledge of the education tools in place. The intent of the survey will be to determine if the education plan is effective, or whether it should be revised to make it more relevant to the community's needs. The results of the surveys will be included as part of the annual institutional control report.

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