How Businesses in UAE Can Leverage AI: Use Cases & Future Vision

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help businesses increase sales, improve customer experience, automate work processes, provide predictive analysis, and more. With its major industrial and manufacturing sectors, the UAE is looking to adopt the right AI technologies to improve productivity, quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This creates a demand for skilled AI professionals and new skill sets.

Real-World Applications of AI Systems

There are numerous real-world applications of AI systems today, including

  • Speech Recognition: Speech recognition is an AI-based technology enabling smart voice search, allowing users to interact with devices through their voice. With this technology,  smartphones can be used to send automated messages.  Through this amazing feature, users can save time and effort by dictating their messages instead of typing them out manually.
  • Customer Service: Online virtual agents can work as personal assistants to solve queries related to services, products, or businesses. As they can work 24*7, the users can get instant answers to all their queries making it the perfect use case for a wide variety of industries.
  • Computer Vision: AI technology enables computers and systems to derive information from a wide range of videos, digital images, and other visual inputs, and based on those inputs the machine can take apt action. This ability to provide recommendations makes it do a lot more in terms of implementing surveillance, face detection, real-time monitoring, etc.
  • Increased Efficiency in Repetitive Tasks: With the help of AI, businesses can automate their time-consuming and repetitive tasks, which results in boosting productivity and efficiency. The UAE government is using AI to automate a variety of tasks, including legal procedures and visa applications.

AI Marketing Use Cases

AI is drastically transforming the marketing industry as it helps in collecting large data sets which can be used to create human-like language models for content creation. It can also assist in service bots and predict the most effective ad campaign strategy when it comes to paid advertisements. It can also generate a marketing strategy and execute it by leveraging its pre-trained knowledge with insights into what works well to deliver better results. 

Focus of UAE Government towards Acceleration of AI

The UAE Government launched its Artificial Intelligence Strategy in 2017, aiming to be the world leader in AI by 2031 and expand the use of AI across sectors like education, energy, transportation, space, and technology. With this initiative, AI application governance is important, and early adopters will have taken up a considerable market share and will be operating at substantially lower costs with enhanced performance.


AI is transforming the business world and providing new opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. The UAE is positioning itself as a world leader in AI technology, with the potential to improve productivity, quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness across its major industrial and manufacturing sectors. As AI continues to evolve, it’s important for businesses to adopt the right AI technologies to stay ahead of the competition and unlock the full potential of this game-changing technology.

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