Adak COVID-19 Information

9 were positive with no further positive cases since that time. We recommend individuals be vigilant regarding spread. We are not encouraging travel to Adak at this time, but are not implementing travel restrictions.

Face masks are required within any building where individuals congregate, until further notice.

For those traveling to Adak: please note that our medical services are limited in scope and availability. As such, we highly recommend obtaining vaccination against COVID. We also recommend ensuring medical evacuation insurance is current. Please note that medical evacuation off island is to Anchorage, and could be limited based on available resources there. Also note that travel by common carrier may be restricted. Contact your air carrier for specific policies.

The City of Adak has published some information, relying on the State of Alaska public information page regarding the virus. Following on this page are some of the specific Adak items. We will update this page to include new information as it becomes available.

Air Ambulance (Medivac) evacuation insurance is highly recommended and is requested prior to travel to Adak. With limited health services on island, emergency medical evacuation from Adak (into Anchorage) can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Recommended providers of air ambulance services that commonly serve Adak are LifeMed Alaska and Guardian Flight.

Travelers are no longer required to submit a travel registration to the City of Adak nor obtain testing at the Adak Medical Clinic upon arrival.

Local businesses and organizations open to the public may require customers to wear face masks or coverings over their nose and mouth. Failure to comply with business/organization policies is a violation of Emergency Ordinance 2021-125.

Still in effect is TSA Directive 1542-21-01 requiring face masks when on airport property (including commercial aircraft, airport terminal, airport parking lot and airport property). Face mask requirements will otherwise be up to each business/organization that is open to the public.

Current Emergency Ordinance (effective 06/17/2021)

Emergency Ordinances (Past)

The items below are local published documents related to COVID-19.

  • Port of Adak – COVID19 Notice to Mariners (PDF Document)
  • Adak Contract Post Office – Alternative Operations (PDF Document)