Adak COVID-19 Information

The City of Adak has published some information, relying on the State of Alaska public information page regarding the virus. Following on this page are some of the specific Adak items. We will update this page to include new information as it becomes available.

Air Ambulance (Medivac) evacuation insurance is highly recommended and is requested prior to travel to Adak. With limited health services on island, emergency medical evacuation from Adak (into Anchorage) can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Recommended providers of air ambulance services that commonly serve Adak are LifeMed Alaska and Guardian Flight.

All travelers are required to take a COVID-19 test with 24 hours of arrival in to Adak.  Travelers must make arrangements with the Adak Medical Clinic prior to travel.  The city bears no responsibility for any costs the Clinic charges for testing. No option for exemption to restrictions due to vaccination status exist.

Submit travel registrations a minimum of two business days prior to travel. Traveling to Adak without prior registration is subject to civil fine as provided for in Section 4 of Emergency Ordinance 2021-120.

Travel Registration Form
Current Emergency Ordinance (effective 02/23/2021)

If you are using your phone to scan the application: Apple iPhone & iPad users can use this feature to produce high quality scans (this helps us process your application rather than just an image. Apple Support Article

COVID-19 Testing Forms
For persons who will be testing upon arrival, the Adak Medical Clinic requires the following registration form to be filled out.

Eastern Aleutian Tribes Patient Registration Form (if new patient; confirm with clinic if necessary) – email completed form to ahead of travel.

Adak Medical Clinic will be performing testing from approximately 2pm-4pm on plane days. Travelers must make appointments as soon as possible. Upon arrival contact 592-8383 or 572-9989 (On-Call Cell) (particularly on Saturday).

Emergency Ordinances (Past)

The items below are local published documents related to COVID-19.

  • Port of Adak – COVID19 Notice to Mariners (PDF Document)
  • Adak Contract Post Office – Alternative Operations (PDF Document)