Abu Dhabi Launches New Flexible Health Insurance Options for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Abu Dhabi, one of the most vibrant emirates in the UAE, has announced a new flexible health insurance option for entrepreneurs and investors looking to live and work in the Emirate. This initiative aims to cater to the rising needs of the market and enhance the Emirate’s position as an attractive destination. In this article, we will understand this new flexible health insurance plan, its eligibility criteria, and how it aims to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s status as a desirable location for business people and investors.

Flexible Health Insurance Plan

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) has launched a new flexible health insurance plan in coordination with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED). This new plan is characterized by affordable and competitive pricing with the possibility to upgrade insurance coverage as needed.

Under this plan, policyholders will receive insurance coverage for treatment services up to 150,000 AED annually, 100% coverage for emergencies, and a participation rate of 20% of the cost of all outpatient medical services and 30% for medicines. Moreover, policyholders can benefit from healthcare services in a network of healthcare providers with the possibility of upgrading insurance coverage according to the needs of patients. 

Eligibility Criteria

Community members, such as expatriates living in the UAE and working in the private sector, are eligible for flexible health insurance coverage if their monthly salary exceeds AED5,000. This initiative aims to increase sector competition while luring enterprises from the private sector. The flexible health insurance policy program will support continuing various initiatives to strengthen the Emirate’s status as a desirable location for business people and investors looking to settle there and do business.

Subscription Process

Companies or individuals looking to subscribe to ‘flexible health insurance’ must contact desired health insurance companies during the time their current health insurance policy is about to expire. They can obtain more details and apply for the plan if the eligibility conditions are met.

Benefits of a Flexible Health Insurance Plan

The new flexible health insurance plan aims to reduce the costs of insurance in the private sector while providing a world-class healthcare experience. This plan offers the flexibility for offering a healthcare package based on customer needs like- geographical coverage and personal preferences for healthcare. All community members will have greater access to the best healthcare services that adhere to the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. This new plan will also supplement the existing health insurance choices in Abu Dhabi, such as the basic and enhanced plans.


Since the introduction of health insurance in 2005 under Abu Dhabi Law 23, Abu Dhabi has been able to increase community members’ access to services and increase the level of competition among healthcare providers in the Emirate. The new flexible health insurance plan is a significant step towards further enhancing healthcare services and offering affordable options for entrepreneurs and investors looking to live and work in Abu Dhabi. By improving the quality and flexibility of healthcare services, Abu Dhabi hopes to strengthen its position as a desirable location for business people and investors.

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